Update Traffic 07/21/2022 INC#0844

Update Traffic; INC#0844; 01:42PM; 1 World Wy; https://bit.ly/3v7KmIa; Westchester; After conducting the triage operation, firefighters determined there were a total of 23 passengers plus the driver on board. Two patients were transported in *at least* serious condition and seven patients were transported with minor, non-life threatening injuries. (no further patient information available) There was no entrapment and no fire hazard. All patients were onboard the shuttle, no one on the ground was injured. Any questions regarding the circumstances of the collision are referred to LAWA and LAPD. LA County Fire and El Segundo Fire also responded. ; FS 51; Batt 4; West Bureau; Council District 11; BC4 CM20 CM22 E205 E295 E51 E67 EM11 EM13 EM14 EM9 PI1 RA43 RA5 RA51 RA62 RA63 RA71 RA809 RA810 RA814 RA815 RA826 RA846 RA867 RA894 T5 T95; CH7; 14; Margaret Stewart