Update Traffic 10/14/2018 INC#0699

Update Traffic; INC#0699; 01:28PM; Sb 405 Fy; http://bit.ly/2CIeOiv; North Hills; LAFD resources evaluated approximately 40 total patients. 25 patients were transported by LAFD ambulance: 5 in serious condition (49F, 60F, 88F, 30M, 69M). Three of those patients did not have serious visible injuries however based on the severity of the impact, protocol deems their condition requiring paramedic transport. An additional 20 patients (ages/genders not available) were transported in fair condition with minor injuries. All patients have now been transported. SB405 FWY remains closed and all further questions regarding closure and collision details = CHP Log 1570 ; FS 75; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; BC10 BC12 BC15 CM42 E18 E275 E290 E298 E75 E87 E90 EM14 EM15 EM17 PI3 RA18 RA7 RA70 RA75 RA828 RA860 RA87 RA889 RA896 RA898 RA90 RA903 RA98 T75 T90 T98; CH8; 17; Margaret Stewart