Update Traffic Collision 06/13/2020 INC#1305

Update Traffic Collision; INC#1305; 09:50PM; 6724 S Main St; https://bit.ly/2Y03mrX; Florence; All patients (a total of 8 patients) have been transported (3 in critical condition and 5 in fair condition) resulting from a two-vehicle collision. Unknown circumstances surrounding the collision. Nothing further; FS 33; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 9; BC13 E21 E221 E33 E46 E66 EM1 EM13 EM9 RA21 RA246 RA264 RA266 RA46 RA57 RA66 RA810 RA833 RA834 RA846 RA866 T21; CH7; 12; -Nicholas Prange