Update Traffic - FATALITIES 07/03/2022 INC#1549

Update Traffic - FATALITIES; INC#1549; 09:47PM; 19700 W Vanowen St; https://bit.ly/3AF5fhN; Winnetka; Final patient count is nine: three patients were determined deceased on scene. 25yo M, 30yo M and 30yo M. The remaining six patients (ages/genders not available at this time) all sustained *potentially* serious injuries due to the mechanism of injury but all were stable upon transport. Any further queries are referred to LAPD Inc# 3970. No further details.; FS 72; Batt 17; Valley Bureau; Council District 3; BC17 E103 E104 E273 E72 E87 EM14 EM15 EM17 RA100 RA104 RA107 RA70 RA72 RA73 RA84 RA87 RA93 T73; CH8; 17; Margaret Stewart