Update Wires Down 03/16/2019 INC#0445

Update Wires Down; INC#0445; 9:16AM; 14935 W Chatsworth St; http://bit.ly/2TRNdni; Mission Hills; LAFD, DWP, DOT, LAPD, & CHP are in unified command to coordinate the safe removal of a UPS truck & driver (No injuries reported), and re-open the EB 118 fwy; LAFD Air and ground resources are working with allied agencies to triage a larger area off the freeway from Noble Ave. x Brand Blvd. extending southeast along the power distribution lines to Devonshire St. between Woodman Ave & Arleta Ave.; No injuries reported; All agency resources continue to evaluate the area for damage, and secure effected power lines for safety as well as restore service as soon as possible;; FS 75; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; BC12 E275 E290 E7 E75 E87 E90 E98 H6 RA75 RA87 T75 T90; CH8; 17; Brian Wall