Burn injuries

Burn Injuries:

Your skin is the body’s largest organ. It provides a protective barrier against bacteria, a cooling system via sweat and a sense organ which gives us information.

Burns and scalds are damage to the skin usually caused by heat.  A burn is caused by dry heat (object, fire etc) while a scald is caused by something wet, such as hot water or steam.

The first aid for burns and scalds are the same.

To properly treat a burn, follow these steps:

  1. Stop the burning process.
    1. Immediately get the person away from the heat source to stop the burning.
    2. Flames should be doused with water or smothered with a blank or by rolling the victim on the ground.
  2. Remove any jewelry or cloths in the injured area. Do NOT remove any material which is stuck to the skin.
  3. Cool the burn.
    1. Immerse or irrigate the burn with running tepid water for up to 20 minutes.
    2. Do not use ice water as it can make the burn worse.
  4. Cover the burn.
    1. Dry, clean dressing can be used to cover the burn and keep the patient warm
    2. Avoid using wet dressings.
    3. Lay dressing on the burn, do not wrap as it may swell.
  5. If the burn is significant, call 9-1-1.
    1. If the burn was caused by an electrical shock or chemical.
    2. Generally, if the burn is larger than the persons hand
    3. Regardless of size, any burn that causes white or charred skin
    4. Burns located on neck, face, hands, feet or any joint

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