CAR Form Instructions

  • This disclosure applies only to residential properties (1-4 units) in the VHFHSZ, and Fire Hardening applies only to those properties constructed prior to January 1, 2010.  Residents can determine whether their property is in the VHFHSZ by visiting the Fire Zone Map located at  Properties in the VHFHSZ are overlaid in RED.
  • The LAFD does not currently provide Fire Hardening inspections.  Section 3 of the C.A.R. form should be treated as a disclosure only.  For more information on what residents can do to harden their home against wildfire, they may visit
  • Section 4 may be answered with a check mark in box 4 (B) (2).  Every Spring, the LAFD Brush Clearance Unit operates a Brush Task Force, which inspects nearly 140,000 private parcels in the VHFHSZ.  All residents' inspection information is available to them through the LAFD's Vegetation Management System (VMS), and is printable as proof from that website.  The Seller will need to: 
    • Create a login at, and enter their parcel APN or street address.  
    • Click the Parcel Status link at the right side of the property information line.
    • Once the parcel information page populates, user may click the red “Action Items” button at the top right corner, and select “Print F1307” from the drop-down menu, and select the appropriate “Recipient” as requested.  (This determines who the F-1307 will be addressed to) 
    • Wait for the F-1307 to appear, and print your document.

If the “Passed Inspection Date” is within 6 months prior to completing the C.A.R., this report will satisfy the Section 4 requirement.  If this date is outside of the previous 6 months, the Brush Clearance Unit will dispatch an Inspector by request during business hours on a weekday to provide an inspection and entry into VMS.  If this documentation is needed during VMS maintenance, a manual F-1307 may be drafted by an Inspector to satisfy this requirement.

To request a supplemental inspection for this purpose, please contact Captain Bryan Nassour at

Alternately, 4 (B) (1) (the C.A.R. default selection) may be used if agreed upon by the parties, and the Buyer may complete this process in order to obtain documentation within 1 year of the transaction.  

  • Regarding C.A.R. Section 4 (B) (5), the disclosing party may write-in "Los Angeles Fire Department", and the phone number for the Brush Clearance Unit "800-994-4444".
  • The LAFD will not be providing a Final Inspection Report, and C.A.R. Section 5 may be left unchecked.