Environmental Impact Review Fees and Application Submittal

  Los Angeles Fire Department
    Fire Development Services Section

     Environmental Impact Review Fees (EIR)

The Hydrants and Access Unit of the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) enforces Chapter 5, Article 7, Section 116.1 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code for collecting fees established by the most current cost recovery schedule published by the Fire Department.

Hydrants and Access Unit ensure access and reasonable distances by Fire and Emergency Medical Services to safeguard adequate fire protection and water availability throughout the City of Los Angeles.  This Unit provides pre–development code reviews, hydrant and access plan reviews, research and environmental impact report reviews to developers, architects and contractors. 

To continue our best services to the residents and businesses of the City of Los Angeles, the Board of Fire Commissioners and the City Council approved LAFD to recover actual costs for special services in accordance with the City’s financial policies for cost recovery in March 25, 2013.

To request an Environmental Impact Report, Research or Review, all customers are required to pre-pay for the services starting July 25, 2017.   Please complete the linked web form, Application for LAFD Environmental Impact Review, located at the bottom of this page, and pay direct to LAFD Accounting Services Section. 


  1. To pay by credit card: Complete web form ensuring contact phone number is provided and attach Notice of Preparation papers from City Planning (for EIR package only).  Form will be submitted to LAFD Accounting Services Section.  Do not email credit card information.  You can call (213) 978-3995 after completed form is submitted.  

  2. To pay by check: Complete web form and attach Notice of Preparation papers from City Planning (for EIR package only).  Mail or bring in a check payable to City of Los Angeles to:

LAFD Accounting Services Section
200 N. Main Street, Room 1620
Los Angeles, CA 90012

*Notice of Preparation Papers from City Planning is only required for EIR package. Request for Fire Services Information does not require Notice of Preparation papers.

After the payment is received and receipt issued, LAFD will start the environmental impact research and review.

For further assistance or other questions, please contact our staff at (213) 482-6543 or email at lafdhydrants@lacity.org