CalARP Public Access to Information

RMPs Available for 45-day Public Comments

Within 15 calendar days after an RMP is accepted as complete, it is submitted for formal public review and comment. The public shall have 45 calendar days to comment following the publication date of the notice. LAFD CUPA shall take the public comments into consideration during the evaluation review that follows the public review period. The process to review an RMP after formal public review and LAFD CUPA evaluation review have been completed, can be found HERE.

Currently there are no RMPs available for public review.

Public Access to Information

The public shall have access to Risk Management Plans (RMP), including any electronic data developed as part of the US EPA reporting requirements. Classified information need not be included. Trade secrets are protected pursuant to Section 25538 of the California Health & Safety Code (HSC).

Use of LAFD CUPA's Reading Room is "by-appointment" only and requires members of the public to set up an appointment and request RMP information for specific facilities located in LAFD jurisdiction several days in advance. LAFD provides the public with read-only access to RMP Information, including Off-Site Consequence Analysis (OCA), for local facilities.

The procedures followed by the LAFD CUPA are similar to the ones used in the Federal Reading Room.

  • Members of the public may access RMPs, including OCA portions of RMPs, at the LAFD CUPA office located at the address below. The public may read and take notes of any RMP information. However, this information may not be removed, photocopied, or otherwise mechanically reproduced.
  • Members of the public may access OCA information for up to 10 facilities per calendar month, without geographic restriction, by showing photo identification issued by a Federal, State, or local government agency such as a driver's license or passport. The individual will also be asked to sign a certification on a sign-in sheet and a Confidentiality Statement.
  • Members of the public may access OCA information for all facilities that are located in or potentially impact the jurisdiction of the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) where they live or work. To access local information, appropriate documentation showing home or work address and signature on a sign-in sheet must be provided.

LAFD CUPA Office Address

200 N Main St. Suite 1700
Los Angeles, CA 90012