CUPA Project Permits

An approved stamped permit must be obtained before modifying, installing, removing, or abandoning-in-place your underground storage tank (UST) system. Visit the links below to apply for a project permit.

New Project Permit: Obtain a new LAFD CUPA UST project permit for tank installations, abandonments, major/minor modifications and repairs, entry relining, temporary closure, site assessments, and soil report reviews.

Amendment: Get approval for changes to an existing project permit. Must have a non-expired permit.

Extension Request: Add 180 days to the original project permit expiration date. Must have a non-expired permit and justifiable cause.

Contractor Change: Notify LAFD CUPA of a change in contractor for an existing project permit.

Fuel Transfer: Needed for removing fuel from UST's, AST's, and vehicle to vehicle fuel movement.

Permit Repair & Test Notification: Please refer to our notification page for compliance testing and permit repairs.

Project Permit & Fuel Transfer Fees: One page reference of the permit fees.