UST Document Submission Requirements

The following documents are required to be submitted to CUPA within 30 calendar days of testing/inspection:

  •     Monitoring System Annual Certification
  •     Spill Bucket Testing Report
  •     Secondary Containment Testing Report
  •     Tank Integrity Test Report
  •     Line Integrity Test Report
  •     Statistical Inventory Reconciliation Annual Results Statement
  •     Enhanced Leak Detection Test Report
  •     Temporary Closure Tank Liquid Sampling Results
  •     Tank Lining Structural Integrity Certification
  •     Tank Lining Interior Lining Inspection Certification
  •     Tank Bladder Minimized Puncture Threat Certification
  •     Unauthorized Release Report (within five working days)

Please submit these testing documents electronically to or upload them as PDF files through CERS. If you prefer, you may send hard copies via USPS Certified Mail to:

Los Angeles Fire Department

200 North Main Street, Suite 1780
Los Angeles, CA 90012

If you have any questions, please e-mail