Hazardous Materials

Chemical Inventory and Business Emergency Plan
- The Hazardous Materials Inventory and Business Emergency Response Plan Program regulates the use and storage of hazardous materials by business and industry
- Implemented by Los Angeles Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau
California Health & Safety Code, Division 20, Chapter 6.95, Article 1
California Code of Regulations, Title 19, Sections 2620-2732
California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Part 9, Section 80.115
Los Angeles Municipal Code, Article 7 of Chapter V, Section 120, , and 120.1.4
Regulatory Background
Chemical Inventory: Title 42, Section 11022 of the United States Code and Chapter 6.95 of the California Health and Safety code require the reporting of hazardous materials when used or stored in certain quantities. These regulations require that businesses within LAFD's jurisdiction complete and file a chemical inventory to disclose hazardous materials stored, used or handled on site. This disclosure information assists emergency responders in planning for and handling emergencies which involve hazardous materials. The program objective is to safeguard lives and minimize property loss.
Business Emergency Plan (BEP): Chapter 6.95 of the California Health and Safety code also requires that businesses which use, store or handle hazardous materials file an emergency plan indicating their preparations for and actions in an emergency. The information is also shared with emergency response personnel to mitigate a release and to minimize harm or damage to human life, the environment, and property.
California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) Workshops
The Los Angeles Fire Department will be hosting a series of workshops to assist businesses with their electronic submission of their hazardous materials inventory and business plan in CERS. The workshops are held the first and third Wednesday of each month from 9-11 AM. Reservations are required. Please utlize the link located within the workshop fliers below to make a reservation.
Fee Schedule
Federal Hazard Categories
Starting January 1, 2018, all California regulated businesses must use the new Federal hazard categories to prepare the Hazardous Materials Inventory submittal in CERS, and must complete the submittal in accordance with the March 1st due date. For more information regarding the Federal hazard categories, please visit the CERS website

Gasoline Chemical Inventory Reporting
Gasoline of different grades may be reported under the chemical inventory as one inventory item with the total gallons of all grades combined. The Los Angeles Fire Department CUPA will no longer require each grade of gasoline to be reported as a separate inventory item under the chemical inventory section of the hazardous materials business plan. For facilities that store gasoline in underground storage tanks, the facility will still be required to provide the tank information for each tank under the underground storage tank section in CERS.  

Contact Information
LAFD Hazardous Materials Unit
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Phone: (213) 978-3680
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For general program information:
LAFD Data Management Unit
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