Fire Development Services Fee Schedule




Effective July 1, 2017


Fee Types:

Plan Check

This fee covers the cost of reviewing and approving construction plans, and up to two hours of initial field inspection time. The Department reviews and approves construction plans for occupancies that meet the criteria of California Administrative Code, Title 19, including, but not limited to hospitals, high-rise structures, institutions, educational facilities, public assemblies, multi-residential occupancies and hazardous occupancies, and Chapter 5 of the Los Angeles Fire Code relating to access, hydrants, and fireflow requirements; makes final determinations and subsequent resolutions for City and State Fire Code issues where interpretations are necessary during the design stage and plan check process.  

Inspection and Fire Code Review

These services include fire code reviews provided to customers regarding their plans, additional field inspection time beyond initial field inspection (up to two hours covered in the plan check fee) and any activity performed by personnel as a service to the customer not covered by any other fee.  Fire Development Services personnel including Hydrants and Access Unit, provide guidance to engineers and developers in defining performance objectives and life/safety functional requirements of buildings including emergency access, hydrant placement, and fire flow requirements; review engineering methods and calculations in hazard identification risk analysis, egress analysis, and associated computer modeling and, provide code reviews on fire life safety issues for the preparation of designs, specifications, product developments, and fabrication for construction projects. In addition to covering preliminary technical guidance, this fee also covers design solutions and options to engineers and architects regarding difficult and complex building codes, as well as City and State fire code issues during the design stage. The goal of this fee is to prevent time delays in obtaining permits.  


Contractors request the Department to complete their requested plan check at the earliest possible time instead of on a first-come-first-serve basis. This fee will be based on the time required to complete that request. This fee would also be used to cover any requests for Department personnel to work overtime to complete their field inspection. The Department’s policy is to charge a minimum of four hours of Inspector overtime to perform inspections after hours.