LAFD Street Address Number Guide

The Los Angeles Fire Department offers this guideline to clarify the legal requirements to post and maintain proper address numbers for all building owners. Compliance with these requirements will ensure that emergency responders will be able to readily identify the location of an emergency.



  • Persons having ownership or custody of buildings are responsible for posting address numbers.
  • The design, style, and shape of address numbers must render them easily readable from the street. Numbers must contrast with background.
  • In cases where conditions (shadows, overgrown vegetation, building location,etc.) adversely affect the legibility of numbers, the Department has the authority to prescribe larger numbers.
  • Addresses may be required to be posted adjacent to driveways, alleys, walkways, or other access ways.


  • The height of any numeral or letter must be 2 inches taller than 1/10 of the setback distance measured in feet, expressed in inches.

For Example:
A structure with a distance of 30 feet to the street.
Convert feet to inches (30 inches).
1/10 of 30 inches equals 3 inches.
Numeral height 3 inches, plus 2 inches equals (5 inches).

  • The width of any figure must be 1/2 its height.

For Example:
A numeral that is 5 inches tall will be 2 1/2 inches wide.

  • The width or stroke of any portion of a numeral or letter must be 1/10 of its height.

For Example:
Any portion of a 5 inch tall figure must be 1/2 inch wide.




To determine height of numerals or letters:
Distance from structure to street: 30 feet
1/10 of 30 feet = 3 feet
Convert feet to inches = 3 inches
Add 2 inches = 5 inches tall.

To determine width of numerals or letters:
Divide height by 2 = 2-1/2 inches wide.

To determine the required width of any stroke:
Divide height by 10 = 1/2 Inch.

Example of street address numbers with dimensions