Set Your Home Up for Success: Quick Tips

check mark  Bring in flammable items (patio furniture, mats, toys, trash cans, etc.)

check mark  Turn off propane tanks and move portable tanks away from structures

check mark  Connect garden hoses to outside water valves for firefighters to use

check mark  Fill buckets with water and place them around the outside of the house

check mark  Turn off sprinklers to save neighborhood/property water pressure

check mark  Turn on lights outside and inside for firefighter visibility in smoke or darkness

check mark  Shut windows and doors, but leave them unlocked

check mark  Remove lightweight curtains and flammable window shades

check mark  Move flammable furniture away from windows and doors

check mark  Shut of gas at the meter; turn off pilot lights

check mark  Shut off A/C and ventilation systems

check mark  Place ladders to the corner of your roof for firefighters to quickly gain access

check mark  Back your vehicle into the driveway for quick departure

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Prepare your home before the wildfire strikes

Flying embers from a wildfire can destroy homes up to a mile away. Taking the necessary measures to harden (prepare) your home can help increase its chance of survival when wildfire strikes.

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