Enhancing LAFD Youth Programs to ensure consistency and access for all youth is Strategy 3 of Goal 4 in the 2018-2020 Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) Strategic Plan: A Safer City 2.0. The LAFD is committed to the development and success of all youth throughout Los Angeles. Youth Development Programs provide early education and orientation into a career within the LAFD and are designed to enlighten youth and young adults between the ages of 14-20 about the opportunities in the fire service. This early introduction also supports the long-term recruitment effort to hire diverse candidates that represent the communities we serve. 

The LAFD Cadet program is the top tier of a progressive pathway to becoming a firefighter with the City of Los Angeles. The goal of the Cadet program is to provide basic technical competencies in firefighting. LAFD Cadets will also develop communication, teamwork, leadership and life skills with the firefighters as positive role models. The youth served in the program develop a sense of community service, gain self-confidence and obtain the skills necessary to be successful in any life endeavor.

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