Protected Trees and Shrubs Ordinance

All fire clearance shall be performed to comply with LAMC 46.00-46.06, relative to Native Protected Trees and Shrubs.

What is a “Protected Tree/Shrub”?

Any of the following Southern California indigenous tree/shrub species, which measure four inches or more in cumulative diameter, four and one-half feet above the ground level at the base.

Protected Trees:

Protected Shrubs:

‘No person shall relocate or remove any protected tree or shrub without first having applied for and obtained a permit from the Board of Public Works or its designated officer or employee. The term "removed" or "removal" shall include any act that will cause a protected tree or shrub to die, including, but not limited to, acts that inflict damage upon the root system or other part of the tree or shrub by fire, application 6 of toxic substances, operation of equipment or machinery, or by changing the natural grade of land by excavation or filling the drip line area around the trunk’.  (LAMC 46.02)

Protected Tree Removal Permit may be obtained through: