Errors & Appeals

1. What if an ambulance bill is inaccurate?

If an ambulance bill has errors or omissions, patients should complete a Request For EMS Billing Correction Or Exemption form and submit to LAFD at the address listed on Page 2 of the form, or contact the LAFD's billing contractor, Digitech, at (888) 772-3203 for assistance.

2. What can a patient do if Medicare denied their claim and says the ambulance transport was "not medically necessary?"

An ambulance transport may not meet Medicare's strict criteria for medical necessity, which means the patient is responsible for the ambulance bill.  For Medicare to cover an ambulance transport, the patient's medical condition at the time of transport must have been such that transportation by any other means could have endangered their health. More information about medical necessity, including a patient's right to appeal Medicare's decision, can be found at or by calling 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).

3. Why would an insurance provider refuse to pay for an ambulance transport and how does a patient appeal?

Even if a patient has health insurance, benefits vary depending on the plan.  Some plans do not cover ambulance transport, while others have high deductibles and co-payments.  If an insurance provider denies a claim, a patient must contact their insurance provider directly for information about appealing that decision.  Medicare patients should call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) or visit them online at

4. What options are available for patients who cannot afford to pay the bill?

Patients experiencing financial difficulties may qualify for low-income assistance.  Patients applying for low-income assistance should contact the LAFD billing contractor, Digitech, at (888) 772-3203 for more information or submit a completed Request For EMS Billing Low Income Assistance form and all supporting documentation, including complete tax returns and W2s, to the LAFD at the address listed on Page 2 of the form.

5. If a patient does not qualify for low-income assistance, can they pay the balance in installments?

The LAFD billing contractor, Digitech, has information about alternative payment plans that may be available to patients.  They can be reached at (888) 772-3203.