Fire! What to do

If you see smoke or fire in your area, immediately report it by dialing 9-1-1. Remember to take note of the location so that the dispatcher can send emergency equipment to the correct location before you hang up.

Evacuation May Be Necessary
  • Back your car in the garage heading out with windows closed. Be sure to keep your keys with you so that you can evacuate quickly should it become necessary.
  • Close the garage door, leave it unlocked, and disconnect automatic door opener in the case of power failure.
  • Keep a flashlight and portable radio with you at all times and stay tuned to your local news station.
  • Move combustible yard furniture away from the house or store it in the garage.
  • Cover windows, attic openings, eaves, and vents with less combustible material, such as 1/2-inch or thicker plywood.
  • Close window shutters and blinds if they are fire-resistant.
  • Attach garden hoses to faucets and place them so that they can reach all areas of your house.
  • Place a ladder against the house on the opposite side of the approaching fire for access to the roof.
  • Shut off Butane/propane or natural gas valves.
  • Close all windows and doors around your home to prevent sparks from blowing inside.
  • Close all doors within the house to slow fire spread inside the house.
  • Turn on the lights in all rooms of your house, on the porch, and in the yard. Your home will be more visible through the smoke or darkness.
  • Move furniture away from windows and sliding glass doors to avoid ignition from the radiant heat of the fire.