We are one of the few departments that offer our members the opportunity to attend a Paramedic Training Program while on duty where they receive a higher edition and training at no cost to the member. Becoming a licensed paramedic adds a tremendous amount of value to the member's skill set and provides them the opportunity to perform advanced medical procedures on patients. The Los Angeles Fire Department has a partnership with UCLA and is capable of sending 45 members to paramedic school per year (15 per class).

Benefits of becoming a paramedic

  • Opportunity to invest in training, personal development, and enhance emergency medical care
  • 17.5% salary bonus
  • Increased opportunity for promotion
  • Ability to work as a paramedic on both fire companies and rescue ambulances 
  • Ability to work in the field on a 4/10 schedule on specialized EMS resources (Cycle Teams, APRUs, FRVs, ADRU, etc.)
  • The workload of paramedic RAs has decreased while the workload of BLS RAs has decreased with the new dispatch algorithms
  • In 2019, ALS calls went down 7.6%, while BLS calls went up 26%

Paramedic School

  • Attendance will be on a full-time basis with a 4/10 schedule 
  • The program consists of four months of didactic, four weeks of clinical time, and two months (20 shifts) of a field internship 


  • Minimum of two years as an LAFD firefighter by the first day of the selected class
  • Current EMT certification
  • Current Class B drivers license 
  • Pass the paramedic entrance tests (FISDAP) and EMT test

Interested members should contact the Paramedic Training Unit at (213) 893-9868