14 Things You Should Do When an Emergency Vehicle Approaches

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

When you're driving in California, and an emergency vehicle approaches with warning lights and siren activated,

You Should:

• Slow down.
• Avoid abrupt maneuvers.
• Quickly signal your intention.
• Calmly and safely yield to your RIGHT.
• Promptly come to a *full and complete STOP* as far right as possible.
• Allow the emergency vehicle to pass, ideally on your left.
• Anticipate other emergency vehicles.


• Carefully return to driving and remain vigilant.
• Follow *No Closer* than 300' behind any emergency vehicle with warning equipment activated.
• Anticipate ambulances, police and fire vehicles making sudden moves, abruptly changing direction or quickly stopping in or near traffic lanes as they approach an emergency.

To Help Yourself and Others Survive:

• Move over 1 lane or slow down to safely pass any emergency or service vehicle parked on the shoulder of a highway or freeway with warning lamps activated.
• Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel as you approach and pass the scene of an emergency.
• Anticipate emergency personnel on or near the roadway directing traffic.
• Remember to drive defensively and without distraction at all times, or the next emergency could be yours.

If you have a question about emergencies - or our response to them, we welcome you to call or visit your Neighborhood Fire Station.

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