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Wednesday, February 5, 2020
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Los Angeles

Making a difference in someone’s life and helping them in their moment of need is the most common reason given for wanting to become a firefighter. If this is your dream, the opportunity is upon you because the City of Los Angeles will be accepting firefighter applications from February 11 through June 15, 2020.

The Los Angeles Fire Department provides a number of resources to help you navigate the path ahead:

  1. Career Expo:
    1. When: February 15, 2020
    2. Where: Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center (1700 Stadium Way, Los Angeles 90012)
    3. Time: 10AM – 2 PM PST
    4. How: Register at Eventbrite Los Angeles Fire Department Career Expo
  2. This is the main website. It describes each step of the hiring process and all requirements needed to apply/enter the recruit training academy. You can explore the numerous preparatory programs available to all candidates within Prep Programs tab. If you’re not yet old enough to apply, the Youth Programs tab describes the different ways you can start preparing yourself now.
  3. Instagram: @JoinLAFD:  The JoinLAFD Instagram account can help serve as a daily motivation delivering visuals of what it’s like to be a LAFD firefighter as well as information on recruitment events.
  4. Instagram: @lafdcaps: The LAFD Candidate Advancement Program focuses on the physical preparation necessary to succeed in the recruit training academy. These posts show the type of workouts being done, skills being practiced and the kind of dedication required.
  5. JoinLAFD Podcast: A recent podcast with Fire Engineering features recruitment officer Captain Rick Najera answering many of the common hiring questions. A must listen! 


A successful firefighter candidate must be dedicated and self-motivated which means putting in the time to research your questions and learn everything possible from the resources provided. It means attending hiring expos and making full use of the preparatory programs provided. If you lack the desire to put in the work, then it’s time to think about a different career. 

The Los Angeles Fire Department is looking forward to this coming application period and all the stellar candidates who will compete to become City of Los Angeles Firefighters

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