Dramatic Fire Erupts in Brentwood High-Rise Apartments

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Los Angeles Fire Department was summoned at 8:37 A.M. on January 29, 2020 to 11740 Wilshire Blvd in Brentwood, where firefighters arrived to rescue over a dozen victims while fighting the fire.

As firefighters overhauled what they thought would be their only high-rise structure fire of the day (which began at 6:30 A.M. at 11601 Wilshire), they were alarmed to hear a very similar address come over their radios. Another structure fire was dispacted at 8:37 A.M. to 11740 Wilshire, with reports of "jumpers."

Crews just a few hundred yards away from this second dispatch tossed their equipment back in the apparatus and quickly responded down the block to find a 26-story residential high rise with fire blowing out of 7th story windows, and a man clinging to the side of the outer face of the building (who had not yet jumped, despite the reports). Truck 92 spotted their apparatus near the side of the building, placed their ground jacks (truck stabilizers), and extended the 100-foot aerial ladder to its maximum length. The tiller member of Truck 92 rode the tip of the aerial up to the patient, coming just close enough to reach him and effected the rescue, saving the man from the untenable room he had escaped from. LAFD's Airborne Task Force responded by air and assisted with evacuations from the roof, along with help from Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. In a coordinated effort, crews rescued a total of 15 people from the rooftop of the high-rise.

Firefighters ascended the interior stairways to find the 7th floor burning with a very hot and well-entrenched fire, fueled by high winds. Firefighters bested the flames in 73 minutes. In total, LAFD sent 335 personnel by ground and air to battle the blaze. Ultimately, 11 civilians and 3 firefighters sustained injuries during the course of the fire. One patient was in grave condition, while another was critical. Four patients were treated/released on scene, and LAFD Firefighter-Paramedics transported the remaining to area hospitals.

This high-rise was last inspected in June of 2019 and found to be in compliance with fire code regulations at that time. It was built in 1961, before fire sprinklers were required in this type of occupancy. 

A total of 339 occupants were evacuated and the building was "red-tagged" (deemed unsafe on all floors) by Department of Building and Safety. Firefighters and law enforcement assisted residents with retrieving medications and other immediate needs from their residences. Crews have been working all through the night of the 29th and all day on the 30th, so far, to restore the building to a safe and livable condition. In the mean time, Barrington Plaza owners reserved blocks of rooms at several local hotels and updates can be found at, or on their telephone hotline at 310-479-4191. A temporary shelter has been set up at Westwood Recreation Center, as well.

Arson investigators are working closely with LAPD to determine the cause of the fire. The investigation is active and ongoing. Investigators are combing through debris, examining evidence, and questioning witnesses in an effort to uncover facts surrounding the ignition of the fire.



Dispatched LAFD Units:  E293  T93  E88  RA59  RA19  E60  E5  E263  T63  BC18  BC4  E43  RA37  E269  T69  CM42  E26  E69  E58  E61  E109  E41  E288  T88  E51  E67  E68  E99  E227  T27  E278  T78  E226  T26  E294  T94  T5  E205  E235  T35  E239  T39  E215  T15  E290  T90  EM9  BC10  UR88  UR27  HR3  E89  BC5  RA92  E81  H0F  H0C  H0D  T73  E273  E35  H5  H1  HA5  HA1  E37  E90  RA90  RH114  BC9  RA43  RA63  RA88  RA60  RA99  RA29  RA78  RA95  RA97  RA23  EM4  EM18  AR1  EA1  RM2  E39  RM3  BC14  BC17  BC12  HA4  H4  HA3  H3  AR9  PH1  BC11  CM52  CM43  CL1  AR17  MD1  E6S  E5S  DC2S  AR11  E233  T33  E52  E229  E278  T78  T61  E261  E62  E63  RA892  T95  E295  T37  E237  T92  E292  E19  E59  RA837  RA857  RA19  TL1  FR9  CE59  RA23  HL7  HL9  PI3  FR82  FR64  AP65  FR91  RA71  BC701  AR5  AR12  EM13  EM55  RA58  EM2  CE43  CM3  CS227  CS226  AR2  E36  E2  T64  E264  T10  E210  E3  E38  E23  E9  T87  E287  T20  E220  T66  E266  RA837  RA92  RA10  RA801  E98  E73  E15  T60  E260  T11  E211  T89  E289  T12  E212  RA257  E64  T48  E248  RA34  E94  T85  E285  E37  T37  E237  T37  E237  E37  T92  E292  AR17  H6  HA6 

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