Fire Consumes Abandoned Van Nuys Motel

Sunday, February 14, 2016
LAFD Battles Flames at Abandoned Van Nuys Motel
LAFD Battles Flames at Vacated Van Nuys Motel
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Brian Litt

It took nearly 170 Los Angeles Firefighters almost three hours to fully control a massive non-injury blaze at a vacant motel in the central San Fernando Valley Sunday afternoon.

The Los Angeles Fire Department was summoned at 2:04 PM on February 14, 2016 to 6500 North Sepulveda Boulevard in Van Nuys, where firefighters arrived quickly to find heavy smoke and flames showing from an abandoned two story lodging facility

The 45,094 square-foot structure, constructed as an apartment building in 1964, and converted in years past to become "The Voyager Motor Inn", had been out of business, semi-shuttered and surrounded by a chain-link security fence for some time.

Given the decrepit nature of the building, advanced fire conditions and offshore winds gusting to 25 mph, a decision was made early in the firefight to battle flames defensively. Placing several large hose streams rapidly into operation on the building's perimeter, as well as from aerial ladders that towered above the smoke charged scene, firefighters were successful in holding the inferno to the building of origin, protecting the adjacent Sepulveda Villas apartments to the north from fire damage.

One hundred sixty-nine firefighters under the command of Assistant Chief Gregory Reynar, confined the fire to premises, extinguishing visible flame in just two hours and fifty-three minutes. No injuries were reported.

Fire loss to the property was not immediately determined. The cause of the major emergency fire remains under active investigation.

Dispatched Units: E239 T39 RA39 E88 E90 RA881 E289 T89 EM15 BC10 E39 E290 T90 T88 E288 EM14 CM42 E100 EM15 BC12 UR88 E89 UR89 RA89 T27 E227 HR56 BC14 RA98 RA93 E260 T60 E288 T88 E293 T93 E87 E109 E298 T98 AR2 E93 E83 E60 E7 E229 T29 T75 E275 EA1 HU59 SU1 RT83 CM41 HU84 E15 E226 T26 E5 E273 T73 EL72 RA909 TP2 TP3 DT2 DT3 LD1 LD2 HL2 HL3 CP3 BC18 T87 E287 E98 T94 E294 E66 RA104 BC10 RA107 T35 E235 T33 E233 E95 E64

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