Firefighters Rescue Multiple Occupants from Christmas Night Motel Fire that Injures Six

Friday, December 26, 2014
LOS ANGELES - Six people were injured and five of them were hospitalized in a three-story accidental motel fire in the Westlake area Christmas evening, including two in critical condition.
Just after 6:00 PM the LAFD responded to a Greater Alarm Structure Fire at 1906 West 3rd Street to find smoke showing from a second floor unit in a three-story residential motel.
First arriving firefighters were immediately met by multiple challenges as they saw residents trying to escape from smoke filled second-floor windows by climbing down bed sheets tied together or on human ladders of people standing on each other's shoulders. Additional resources were immediately requested.
Scores of firefighters arrived within minutes and performed a very aggressive fire attack due to hearing that people were possible trapped inside. They rapidly deployed ground ladders and performed multiple rescues including some people who were wheelchair-bound. Simultaneously, other companies extended long hose-lays through the deep-set corridor and up winding stairwells to put out the flames. Others performed critical roof ventilation using chainsaws to cut holes over the fire, allowing smoke, heat and flames to escape.
Approximately 100 Firefighters, under the command of Deputy Chief Mark Stormes, fully extinguished the flames in just 21 min.
Six patients between the ages of 28 and 73 were treated at the scene. Of the five people sent to hospitals, two were in critical condition due to burns and smoke inhalation.
About 25 units of the 135-unit residential hotel were damaged by fire, smoke and/or water.
Functional smoke alarms played a role in providing early detection of the fire, assisting occupants to escape.
Investigators meticulously combed through the debris to determine a cause. Senior Arson Investigator David Liske stated, "The fire originated in the kitchen of one second floor unit and is centered around the stove area. While the cause of the fire appears to be accidental, the investigation will continue."
Dispatched Units: E220 RA20 E203 E3 T3 RA3 E6 T9 SQ21 EM1 BC11 BC1 E9 T11 E211 RA811 RA13 EM9 RA6 EM13 RA15 DC1 T35 E235 E13 E10 E229 T29 E215 T15 EM15 BC18 T27 E227 E27 UR27 RA27 UR88 BC5 EM14 RA4 RA17 HU59 EA1 RA850 RA861 RA10 AR23 AR1 AR2 AR1
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