Firehouse Magazine Article Featuring Fire Station 82

Sunday, November 20, 2016

This month, FireHouse Magazine published the third annual showcase of fire and emergency service facilities.  The 2016 Station Design Awards is used to identify trends and educate readers using examples of new public safety facilities designed and constructed to meet the needs of an agency, the safety of its personnel and the community which it serves. The 2016 Station Design Award entries were received from all across the country.Exterior of station 82

For the first time in the history of the Station Design Awards program, the judges awarded a Platinum Award.  This year’s Platinum Award was awarded to Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) Fire Station 82, for representing an outstanding example of innovation and sustainability.  Gold, Silver and Bronze awards have been distributed for the past three years in this prestigious competition; however, the judges were so impressed by 82’s that they requested FireHouse Magazine to create the Platinum level.Inside of apparatus bay.

Fire Station 82 is a $20 Million, three-story, 32,000-square foot facility that has underground parking, low-maintenance and multiple sustainability features.  It is the first Fire Station in Los Angeles to have a vegetated roofing system to capture and treat rainwater before it enters the Pacific Ocean.

The five judges for this year’s Station Design Awards included two Fire Chiefs, two architects and a civil engineer/volunteer.  Each judge has experience with design and construction of new fire stations.  The judging revolved around three areas: Firefighter safety/health, functionality and architecture.  Firefighter safety/health involved fire sprinklers, exhaust systems, workout rooms, training options and decontamination areas.  

Functionality included access to apparatus floor and apparatus, sleeping areas, kitchen facilities, separate turnout gear room, gender-neutral facilities and public parking/access.  Architecture included use of building materials, use of site/challenges, identifiable as a fire station, citizen access, and sustainability.
This year’s competition identified notable trends:

  • Fire station’s floor plans showed separate rooms adjacent to the apparatus bay for stored turnout gear.  Many stations had rooms with two doors and separate ventilation systems.
  • There were more two-story buildings this year with the living quarters on the second floor.

"I would like to thank all the personnel who were involved in the planning, design and build out of Fire Station 82.  There were many Departments (sworn & civilian) who worked on this project.  Especially noteworthy, was the Bureau of Engineering personnel, under the direction of City Engineer Gary Lee Moore. We are in the very early stages of planning for our next Fire Station Bond, yet, Fire Station 82 has already set the LAFD Fire Station standard in terms of fulfilling operational and functional requirements while fitting into commercial and residential communities and enhancing the safety and security of our members." - LAFD Fire Chief Ralph M. Terrazas

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