Hollywood Gas Leak Prompts Evacuations

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Los Angeles Fire Department responded Saturday morning to 1776 N Cahuenga Blvd for a broken gas line that required over 100 people to evacuate from nearby buildings.

street view of building and light colored gas raising from ground

At 11:30 AM on May 16, 2015, firefighters arrived on scene and determined a six-inch gas line had broke, and rapidly secured the area, then ensured there were no fires or injuries. 

Firefighters from a LAFD Hazardous Materials Squad evaluated and monitored the surrounding environment to determine further needs. Our friends at Southern California Gas were quickly requested to assist stopping the leak.

One adult female from an affected building was evaluated for respiratory discomfort but did not require ambulance transportation.

As a precaution, firefighters established a evacuation zone with the following borders:

Ariel map indicating the origin of the incident, the required evacuation area and the roadblocks.

  • Franklin Ave to the north
  • Ivar Ave to the east
  • Wilcox Ave to the west
  • Hollywood Blvd to the south 

(PHOTO MAP: The circle with the red X indicates the incident's origin, the orange cones are buildings that required evacuations, and the yellow roadblocks are the borders of street closures.)

Over 100 people and 10 pets were calmly and quickly evacuated from surrounding buildings. In addition, 35 people remained sheltered in place.

LAFD, DWP, & So Cal Gas PIOs are located at the media staging area, Cahuenga Blvd north of Hollywood Blvd. All media seeking interviews and on-scene information should go to that location.

This is an active ongoing incident that is expected to go into the night. This article will be updated. 

The following dispatched units were under the command of Battalion Chief White: E227 E27 T27 RA82 BC5 E82 E41 EM14 DC42 BC11 E26 RA76 E61 RA52 RA61 EM9 SQ21 E105 E94 RA41 EM15 T3 E203 RA76 EM1 DC52 UR88 T35 E235 RA86 E60 EM9 E11 RA27 

UPDATE (Saturday 6:52 pm): Poinsettia Recreation Center, located at 7341 Willoughby Ave, has been established as a temporary shelter for those evacuated from the area. We thank the Red Cross and Dept of Recreation and Parks for orchestrating. Water and snacks will be provided. Anticipated shutting off of the gas line remains 8:00 PM, however crews will remain on-scene over night. Cahuenga Bl is anticipated to be closed overnight

Workers digging trenches to the gas pipe.UPDATE (Saturday 7:50 pm): Trenches that were dug in order to shut off the extensive gas leak need to be shored/secured, therefore anticipated shutting off of the gas is now around 10:00 PM. Buses will be at Yucca St & Ivar Av at approx 8:00 PM to transport those on-scene wishing to go to the evacuation center. Current temp in Hollywood: 65 degrees.

UPDATE: (Saturday 10:00 PM) So Cal Gas continually working hard on-scene, new anticipated shutting off of gas is now around midnight, then rehousing of displaced individuals will quickly take place. Still no injury. We thank the MTA for providing buses to transport those displaced to the shelter. Multiple agencies are working together to keep residents safe, warm, informed and even fed with pizza.

UPDATE: (Saturday 11:15 PM) LAFD Urban Search & Rescue Team requested to work along with So Cal Gas company on-scene to evaluate the deep trenches dug and ensure safe shoring up of the dirt walls to prevent a collapse. Deepest trench is approx 8' deep. New anticipated time of shutting off of gas is now around 4:00 AM, then rehousing of displaced individuals will take place. There are currently 86 evacuees that are spending the night at the Poinsettia Recreation Center, cots to sleep on have been made available.

UPDATE: (Sunday 4:34 AM) So Cal Gas company crews stopped the flow of natural gas from the broken pipe.

UPDATE: (Sunday 7:00 AM) LAFD personnel assisted in the return by bus of as many as 80 displaced residents from the American Red Cross shelter at Poinsettia Recreation Center to their homes. 

UPDATE: (Sunday 4:15 PM) All temporary closures of Cahuenga Boulevard and Yucca Street were lifted at the direction of utility crews. 


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