Jet Fuel Rains Down on South LA, Hazmat and Firefighter-Paramedics Respond to Schools

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

SOUTH LOS ANGELES - An aircraft returning to LAX for an emergency landing needed to dump fuel to lighten the load. Unfortunately for the people the fuel rained down on, this prompted LAFD firefighter-paramedics and Hazerdous Materials specialists to respond for air-quality monitoring and medical evaluations. 

The LAFD responded at 12:10 P.M. to two different schools in the South Los Angeles area for a hazardous materials incident. We confirmed that an aircraft flying relatively low over this area performed an emergency release of fuel to lighten their load to help them land safely at LAX Airport. This jet fuel fell to the ground across portions of South Los Angeles and affected some children and staff at 93rd Elementary and Jordan High School. We evaluated a total of 16 patients for non-life-threatening irritation to their skin, primarily. Fortunately, none of them required transport to any local hospital by LAFD ambulance. We also worked closely with our friends at LA County FD, who had four different schools in their response area outside of the LA City limits, and a total of 44 patients evaluated with no one being transported to the hospital.

Overall, an abundance of resources arrived on scene quickly to triage and evaluate a large group of potential patients. Our HazMat Specialists brought sensing equipment to monitor the safety of the air in and around the school. We cooperated with other agencies including LAX, LAPD, School PD, and LACoFD to care for these students, teachers, and school staff during an unsettling afternoon. We are thankful that no serious injuries resulted and all students were released back to their families as quickly as was safely possible.

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