LAFD’s New Compliance Engine Improving Fire Inspection Rates

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Los Angeles Fire Department unveiled a new web-based application called The Compliance Engine that continuously ensures public safety in the most technologically driven way possible.

Fire Code compliance is a critical component of the LAFD Fire Prevention Bureau’s mission to reduce fire risk for Angelenos, visitors and firefighters. In light of the ever-increasing demand to do more with fewer resources, the LAFD has implemented The Compliance Engine to revolutionize our Regulation 4 fire protection system testing process to ensure public safety through improved compliance and metric-driven risk reduction.

The Compliance Engine is a web-based application from a firm called Brycer LLC that streamlines the communication between the LAFD’s fire protection testing companies and the Department. It allows the Department to better aggregate, track and drive code compliance. The goal of this solution is to allow the LAFD to manage more than 125,000 fire protection systems installed at buildings covering the City’s 470-square miles. These systems are tested annually by more than 500 technicians certified by the LAFD. Utilizing technology to streamline the process is a need identified by the LAFD in order to sustain the fire protection systems testing program and ensure the systems are working properly.

The LAFD has completed Phase 1 implementation of The Compliance Engine in high-rise buildings throughout Los Angeles. Within the first 90 days, the Compliance Engine identified a 21% reduction in the number of fire protection systems past due and identified more than 1,500 system deficiencies that are now in the process of being repaired.

"I am proud of what Chief Ralph Terrazas is doing to modernize the department by deploying smarter, faster technology to ensure our city buildings comply with code regulations -- an innovative approach that will save time and resources by reducing the back log of data entry and paperwork to keep our buildings and residents safe," Mayor Eric Garcetti said.

“The Los Angeles Fire Department continues to look for ways to save lives through technology,” said Deputy Chief John Vidovich, the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Fire Marshal. “The Compliance Engine elevates fire inspection into the 21st Century and allows the men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department to efficiently ensure fire protection systems are in working order throughout our City. Our aim is to increase the fire protection systems testing and maintenance compliance to greater than 90% within the first 18 months. The LAFD is on pace to accomplish this mission.”

The Compliance Engine is part of the new, innovative work being done by the Fire Prevention Bureau, which was named one of Mayor Garcetti’s Innovation Centers in November of 2014. As a designated Innovation Center, the Fire Prevention Bureau is granted a suite of tools made possible by the Mayor’s Office which enable front-line City workers to innovate and create new, better, and faster way of doing their day-to-day jobs, resulting in the provision of better services to Angelenos across Los Angeles.

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