LAFD Captain Matthew McKnight Challenge Coins

Friday, January 23, 2015

As the Matthew McKnight Memorial Event approaches, LAFD Metro Fire Communications (MFC) would like to extend their most sincere gratitude to each and every person whose generous contribution has made this event possible.

The Los Angeles Fire Department Communications Center will be dedicated to the memory of Captain Matthew McKnight and this ceremony will commemorate his legacy by including his name in the formal title and dedication of the Communications Center. In addition to funding the event, contributions and donations are being utilized to make improvements to the Center which will include memorial plaques, framed photos, custom displays, and memorabilia which share the story of the rich history of MFC and Operations Control Dispatch (OCD).

In order to complete the designated funding goals for this project, LAFD will be offering custom made Challenge Coins to celebrate the event. The Challenge Coins will display the new logo of the Communications Center on one side with a replica of Captain McKnight's badge on the opposite side of the coin.

These stunning and rare Challenge Coins are solid brass, 2" in diameter, 3mm thick, and weigh approximately 3 ounces.

$20 Donation for One Coin

$100 Donation for Six Coins

To order Challenge Coins please call MFC at (213) 576-8900 or email

Checks can be made payable to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation (reference Matthew McKnight Dedication in the memo). A tax deductible receipt will be mailed to the address on the check.

MFC thanks you all for your continued support!

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