Thursday, June 8, 2023
Group of Firefighters from several agencies gathered around an instructor during training
Photo Credits: Rick McClure
Tujunga Canyons-

LAFD has organized a multi-agency brush fire exercise near the ANF Little Tujunga Hotshots Station on June 7 - 8, 2023. Five local agencies will be joining LAFD to participate (ANF, LACoFD, Burbank FD, Glendale FD, and Pasadena FD). There are many areas that multiple agencies respond together, referred to as a Mutual Threat Zone (MTZ), and this drill is meant to focus on the interoperability of communications and operations on a large multi-agency incident, while focusing on working safely around heavy equipment, and constructing hand lines.

Wildland firefighting specialists will be providing training on working around heavy machinery, cutting fire line, and other brush fireground operations.

We ask the community and members of the public to please keep clear of firefighters and apparatus, as operations will be conducted as they would be on an actual incident.

"DRILL ONLY" incident alerts will be sent using the LAFD alerting system (on Thursday only) like they would be for an active incident, which can be viewed at and LAFD's Twitter account @LAFD. This is meant to provide a low-stress time for the public to exercise the use of our alerting system. Familiarity now could lead to faster, less confusing access to information during a high-stress emergency, and potential evacuation orders. During a large-scale emergency in the city of Los Angeles, please visit for News and Alerts under the "Happening Now" tab. Sign up for LAFD Alerts with the red button on the right side of

For more information on brush clearance, red flag parking restrictions, Ready Set Go, hardening your home and more, please visit

We want to thank our neighboring public safety agencies for participating with us, and the local communities who have graciously allowed us to conduct these operations in and around their neighborhoods in the unincorporated area of Tujunga Canyons.

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