LAFD Continues Conservation Measures, Letting Fire Station Lawns Go Brown

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Los Angeles Fire Department today joined a statewide movement to conserve water by allowing all green grass at its stations to turn brown. Effective immediately, Los Angeles City Firefighters will no longer water grass at stations.

Front view of fire station 3 with drought resistant plants

The driest years in California history have all been recorded in the past three years and January was one of the driest months on record, according to Save Our Water, a statewide program aimed at helping Californians reduce their everyday water use. In concert with Mayor Eric Garcetti’s ambitious water conservation programs and his vision to Save the Drop, the LAFD is working diligently to aid in the City’s water conservation efforts and goals.  

To date, 55 Fire Stations feature drought tolerant landscaping, artificial turf or no grass whatsoever. Additionally, the LAFD is working with the General Services Department, as well as community support groups, to develop a turf replacement program for all fire stations over the next three years.

“The Los Angeles Fire Department remains committed to the sustainability of the entire City,” LAFD Chief Ralph M. Terrazas said. “We will undertake all possible measures to conserve water and are proud to stand with Angelenos in declaring that brown is the new green.” 

The LAFD also plans to conduct a survey and seek funding for the installation of low flow shower heads and low flow toilets where necessary and has dramatically reduced the water it uses during public demonstrations and during training exercises.

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