LAFD Firefighter Paramedic Goes Beyond The Call Of Duty

Friday, August 24, 2018

LOS ANGELES - On Tuesday August 21, 2018, the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) honored Firefighter/Paramedic (FFPM) Jack Albert for his example of humanity, display of exceptional character and humility, while providing patient care beyond the call-of-duty.

On March 26th, 2018, Rescue Ambulance 10 was dispatched to a reported “Fall” at the “Expo Line” platform located at 23rd and Flower Street in downtown Los Angeles.

The victim, an 18 year old male “special needs patient”, had been assaulted by some unknown individuals who also stole his bicycle and then threw him onto the light rail tracks.

FFPM Albert professionally and compassionately cared for the patient. Then during transport to the hospital he recognized that the patient was very disconcerted over the fact that his bicycle had been taken. Mr. Albert was deeply concerned by the unjust incident and decided, on his own, that he would attempt to replace the bicycle belonging to the patient. So, Rescue 10 drove to a local bicycle shop where Mr. Albert purchased a new bicycle, then drove back to the Hospital and presented it.

Upon return to quarters, neither FFPM Albert, or his partner mentioned anything about what had transpired, nor utilizing his personal money to purchase the bicycle.

The only reason we know of this story is about a month later the patient’s mother came by Fire Station 10, and wanted to know the names of the members who had treated her son so professionally, and even purchased him a new bicycle. She informed the fire station members that her son was a “special needs patient” and he was deeply touched by the treatment he had received.  

Subsequently, Station Commander Eric Thompson wrote a detailed letter through-channels outlining Mr. Albert’s admirable actions.

FFPM Albert was not only modest and humble, never mentioning the events of that day, but his actions represent our Core Values of Service, Professionalism, and Integrity. Well done Jack!

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