LAFD Firefighter Recognized for Off-Duty Life Saving Effort

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Los Angeles Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas (L) with Los Angeles Firefighter Kenneth Fraser holding Certificate of Appreciation
Los Angeles Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas (L) with Los Angeles Firefighter Kenneth Fraser.
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An extraordinary life saving effort by an off-duty Los Angeles Firefighter was formally recognized on January 16, 2018 by the City of Los Angeles Fire Commission and Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas.
Then probationary Firefighter Kenneth A. Fraser, with less than four months on the Los Angeles Fire Department, had decided to spend personal time on January 24, 2017 preparing for a drill at his then assignment of Fire Station 35 on Hillhurst Avenue.
Heading home from the Los Feliz area station that Tuesday evening in civilian attire and his personal vehicle, Fraser noted a man clinging despondently to the fence of a bridge above the busy Hollywood (US 101) Freeway at Hollywood Boulevard. Knowing that the man's life and those of passing motorists was in imminent jeopardy, Fraser stopped his vehicle and went to speak with the man.
As 9-1-1 calls were made to notify authorities, Fraser calmly spoke with the stranger intent on self harm, and established a rapport. The first Los Angeles Police Officers to arrive noted the positive progress that Fraser was making with the man and allowed him to continue negotiations.
As their bonding conversation continued, on-duty LAFD responders - unaware of Fraser's affiliation, placed a pair of inflatable rescue air cushions below the men on the lanes of the now closed freeway at the height of rush hour.
Remaining focused on the man's concerns, Fraser offered strong words of encouragement as he shared his own life challenges, and how he had overcome them. Inspiring the man to choose life, Fraser stood supportively nearby as Police Officers took the man into their care.
For his selfless efforts that day, Fraser was awarded a formal Certificate of Appreciation from Fire Chief Terrazas, who expressed gratitude for Fraser's "heroic courage, diligent efforts and expedient assistance" while off-duty, that led to the man's life being saved.

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