LAFD Rescues Horse that Fell in 60' Hollywood Hills Ravine

Sunday, October 11, 2015
Hollywood Hills

Just after 6:30 PM on October 11, 2015, the LAFD received a 911 call from our Park Ranger friends who had reports that a horse had fallen and was in need of help near the trails off 3400 Beachwood Drive in the Hollywood Hills. LAFD quickly sent a team of firefighters to assist.

Google MapThe preliminary information we received was the horse, which normally stays nearby in Hollywood stables, was on a narrow trail and possibly lost footing and fell approximately 60' down a ravine. 

Firefighters and USAR specialists immediately set up a rope system to lower firefighters down the ravine to assess and calm the horse. Once at the horses side, firefighters fortunately determined the horse appeared to have suffered only superficial wounds and they were able to keep it tranquil.

This was a prolonged operation to carefully and strategically bring the horse to safety. Firefighters worked from the ground and air with Park Rangers, Animal Regulations, USAR specialists, veterinarians, along with others to determine the best option to remove this 17.1 hand thoroughbred horse from harm.

A total of 30 firefighters, under the command of Battalion Chief Dean Zipperman, took every precaution to provide exceptional care to the horse during this traumatic experience including placing cotton balls in the ears to reduce noise and an eye mask to keep any falling particles from entering the horses eyes while they attentively hoisted the horse via LAFD helicopter. Light sedation was delicately coordinated while harnesses were placed around the 1200+ pound horse, then heavy sedation just before going airborne and traveling to the south stables where further care was standing by.

Dispatched: BC5 E227 E27 E290 E82 H2 HR56 RA76 T27 T90 UR27 UR88


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