LAFD Tactical Emergency Medical Support Unit Performs Active Shooter Training

Monday, October 30, 2017

Los Angeles - Members of the Los Angeles Fire Department Tactical Emergency Medical Support Unit (TEMS Unit) co-hosted an “Active Shooter Training.”

Over 400 Law Enforcement, Fire Department, and TSA personnel at Ontario Airport attended from October 27 through October 30. This is the fourth year of this training, culminating in nearly 1600 “First Responders” learning the life saving actions to take before, during, and after an active shooter event. 

LAFD TEMS Unit is a group of highly trained and experienced paramedics who are embedded with law enforcement officers and capable of responding into active shooter incidents.  LAFD TEMS has been in inception for almost five-years, and as we have seen with previous active shooter incidents, victims who have been shot often die as a result of blood loss and the inability to be transported to a trauma center in a timely manner.  LAFD TEMS hopes to be able to prevent or reduce the loss of life through rapid extraction and transportation of those shot during these events.     

Southern California airports remain a high value target for those wish to inflict harm on our nation and its citizens.  “In light of recent events here and around the world this training is extremely valuable” said Captain Patrick Leonard the commander of the TEMS Unit.  “Additionally, this training is an excellent opportunity to develop and enhance our private/public partnerships with LAX personnel and to solidify unity between law enforcement and fire department responders all with the goal of saving lives.” 

One of the unique aspects of this training is the “Stop the Bleed” program being taught by LAFD TEMS personnel and assisted by the LAFD Community Risk Reduction Unit.  “Stop the Bleed” is a program of life saving first-aid that can be performed by normal citizens prior to paramedics arriving on scene.  Later this year LAX officials with assistance from the LAFD will be placing “Stop The Bleed” kits throughout the airport to help save lives in the event of another disaster.    

"LAFD TEMS Unit is one of the forward thinking innovations that reflects the realities of today’s environment and are helping the LAFD lead the way as a 21st Century fire department", said LAFD Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas.
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