LAFD Thanks Public for Outpouring of Support

Thursday, March 31, 2016
As most are aware that while responding to an emergency call yesterday, March 31, 2016, the Engineer (driver) of Engine 102 suffered a medical emergency and temporarily lost control of the apparatus. The engine collided with five parked vehicles and knocked down two power poles. Downed wires from one of the power poles caused a short in a business sign which resulted in a small fire in a liquor store.

Balloon and assortment of "goodies" on the fire station kitchen table.Firefighters simultaneously provided immediate medical care to the Engineer, ensured no other injuries, secured the area around the downed power lines and extinguished the small fire.
We are very grateful no citizens were injured and our firefighter did not sustain lasting injuries. Moments like these bring home the fact that we are all vulnerable to the uncontrollable.
The LAFD would like to thank the public for the outpouring of well wishes for the members assigned to Fire Station 102. The overwhelming show of support is particularly moving for members assigned to that fire station.
Firefighters and a family at fire station 102.

Today the Station’s phone has been ringing off the hook from concerned citizens in the immediate area. In addition several citizens have come by the firehouse in the last 24 hours with cookies, cupcakes, donuts, bagels and flowers. All of them have shown genuine concern for there local Engine Co. Including Mr. Brandon Sonnier and his sons Jonah 4, and Asher 2 1/2 that rang the doorbell and dropped off a nice assortment of cookies.
We feel this is a true testament to the level of service and professionalism and leadership of the personnel assigned at Station 102. 
Thank you all!


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