Los Angeles Firefighters Battle Greater Alarm Structure Fire in El Sereno

Thursday, July 14, 2016
El Sereno - Nearly 100 Los Angeles firefighters battled a non-injury Greater Alarm Structure Fire that engulfed a one-story commercial building Thursday evening. 
At 6:02 PM, on July 14, 2016, the LAFD responded to a Structure Fire at the 5000 block of Alhambra Avenue in El Sereno, just NE of downtown, near the 10 freeway and 710 freeway intersection.
Firefighters arrived on scene to find a one-story commercial building, 100' x 50', well involved in flames. A defensive fire-attack commenced as firefighters surrounded the structure and poured large amounts of water on the blaze from the exterior. Waves of additional firefighters were called to assist, and both sides of Alhambra Avenue were shut down to traffic.
Firefighters were met by multiple challenges, beginning with guard dogs on the premises, high pressure cylinders (Oxygen and Acetylene tanks) began off-gassing, high-voltage power lines fell, and there were reports of a possible transient living in the structure. Fortunately, a thorough search of the building by firefighters assured that no one was inside.
Nearly 100 firefighters, under the command of Assistant Chief John Drake, fully extinguished the flames in one hour and 26 minutes. No one was injured. The cause and dollar loss is under active investigation.
Dispatched Units: E16 E21 RA47 E201 T1 RA801 E2 T2 E202 BC2 BC1 E61 CM22 CM21 RA1 EM1 E212 T12 BC11 E235 T35 E209 E226 T26 RA12 EM13 EM9 T3 E203 HR56 E27 UR27 UR88 BC5 SU2 T2 E202 EM11 EA1
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