Santa Delivers for Canoga Park Families Displaced by Arson Fire

Saturday, December 26, 2020

A fast-moving arson fire heavily damaged a west San Fernando Valley apartment building early Tuesday morning, displacing 16 residents, including seven children. With all their possessions gone, so was their hope for a Merry Christmas...until the Spark of Love program delivered.


The Los Angeles Fire Department was notified at 1:52 AM on December 22, 2020 of a structure fire at 21315 Roscoe Boulevard in Canoga Park, where firefighters arrived quickly to find heavy fire showing from one unit on the second floor of a two-story center hallway apartment building.

Firefighters entering the large building encountered fire in the hallway. The crews conducting vertical ventilation on the roof created a more tenable situation inside for fire attack, which made their way towards the fire unit. The blaze, starting in a unit on the first floor, extended up into the 2nd floor. Hallways throughout the building were charged with smoke.

The aggressive, coordinated actions of the seventy-eight firefighters under the command of Battalion Chief Andrew Wordin, extinguished the flames in just 32 minutes. 

A thorough search of the involved units was conducted with no occupants located and no injuries reported.

The Incident Commander requested the LAFD Arson section to respond and during their investigation, a suspect was located and placed into custody. The investigation remains active and ongoing.

While firefighters were able to defend many of the exposed apartments, ultimately two were completely destroyed and six others were damaged. Four vehicles in front of the building were also damaged by the intense flames and heat.

Volunteers from the American Red Cross assisted the displaced residents, which included seven children. The occupants of the two destroyed units were issued "Supplying Aid ot Victims of Emergency (SAVE)" cards. These cards, provided by the California Fire Foundation, are funded by donations and help to bring immediate, short-term relief to victims of fires and other natural disasters throughout California. The LAFD is honored to be a part of this program.

The devastation of a fire and being displaced from your home is difficult at any time but right before Christmas makes it even tougher to bear. The Spark of Love toy donation program was ready to step in to bring a bit of happiness to the seven children affected. Firefighters ensured they got a "Santa's List" and readied the sleigh. The crew from Fire Station 104, the local station serving Winnetka, found great joy in delivering gifts to the kids and their families on Christmas morning. 


Dispatched LAFD Units: BC14 BC15 BC17 CM42 E104 E105 E106 E107 E273 E287 E288 E290 E293 E296 E84 E89 EA1 EM17 HR3 RA104 RA889 RA89 T73 T87 T88 T90 T93 T96 UR88 UR89



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