Sylmar House Fire Kills One Woman and Pets

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

LAFD Firefighters found one woman deceased while battling flames in a Sylmar home, late Monday night.

The Los Angeles City Fire Department responded to the 14400 block of West Tyler Street at 10:45 PM on March 20, 2023 for a structure fire in a one-story single-family home. After entering the burning building, firefighters found an unresponsive 75-year-old female, brought her outside and began resuscitative measures. Sadly, she was beyond medical help, and after over 20 minutes of attempting to resuscitate her, she was declared dead on scene. It took 30 firefighters 20 minutes to fully extinguish the fire.

Per protocol for a fatal fire, the LAFD Arson/Counter Terrorism Section (ACTS) is investigating the cause of the fire. The building sustained significant damage due to the fire and prior weather damage, and therefore is uninhabitable and will be yellow tagged by Department of Building and Safety.

Approximately one dozen dead cats were found at the scene. It is unclear how many of the cats died as a result of the fire.

There were no functional smoke alarms found at the scene. This is a sober reminder to make sure your smoke alarms are functional and are tested on a regular basis (every time you change you clocks for daylight savings is a good rule of thumb).

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