Update Vegetation Fire 09/27/2016

Update Vegetation Fire; 12:58PM; 15700 W Burbank Bl; Van Nuys; Firefighters hitting the hot flank now and knocking down the bulk of the fire. Fire is slow moving and not threatening any structures. AirOps and water dropping helicopter on scene to assist. Additional ground units requested. Size approx 2 acres with potential (if not stopped) of 5 acres.; FS 88; Batt 10; Valley Bureau; Council District 4; Margaret Stewart
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Vegetation Fire 09/27/2016

Vegetation Fire; 12:42PM; 15700 W Burbank Bl;; Van Nuys; Approx 1/4 acres of grass burning in NW direction near Haskell Creek; FS 80; Batt 4; West Bureau; Council District 11; BC10 BC712 E100 E239 E288 E290 E83 RA83 RA88 T39 T88 T90 WT88 ; CH8; 13; Margaret Stewart
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Update Brush Fire 09/27/2016

Update Brush Fire; 8:47AM; 10516 Woldrich St; #WoldrichFire #LakeViewTerrace; The fire is now 100% contained at approximately 21 acres. Containment means firefighting lines have been established around the entire perimeter of the fire. LAFD with assistance from ANF and LACoFD will continue to address hot spots through out the day and likely into the evening. No structures were damaged and no injuries reported. LAFD Arson is investigating the cause. Residents will continue to see smoke in the area due to smoldering brush that will take time to fully extinguish. NFD; FS 24; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; Margaret Stewart
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Brush Fire 09/26/2016

Brush Fire; 11:24PM; 9/26/16; 10516 Woldrich St;; #LakeViewTerrace; 21 acres of heavy brush. KNOCKDOWN: Over 100 FF in just over 5 hours. 60% contained. Structures were protected as a precaution, none damaged. LAFD remain's on-scene this morning, LACoFD hand-crews and ANF assisting. Location is near 210 Fwy between Foothill Bl and Osborne St, CHP Log# 5238, LAPD Inc# 88. LAFD PIO Enroute; FS 24; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; BC11 BC12 BP44 BP47 BP74 BP78 BP8 CM42 CW3A E105 E33 E39 E447 E482 E496 E60 E7 E88 E98 EM14 H1 H3 HU84 RA74 RA81 RA889 WT77 WT88; 8; 16, 17; Erik Scott
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Brush Fire - Mutual Aid 09/26/2016

Brush Fire - Mutual Aid; 9:04PM; 1959 Hilldale Dr;; La Cañada Flintridge; LAFD assisting LACoFD. 3 Acres of heavy brush with exposures. Command post at Clark Dale Pl x La Granada Way. Media contact = LACoFD; FS 74; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; BC12 BC14 BP47 BP74 CM42 E24 E274 E289 E298 E474 E77 E89 E98 EM14 H1 H2 H5 RA74 T74 T89 T98 WT77; 5; 13; Erik Scott
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Update Traffic Collision 09/26/2016

Update Traffic Collision; 7:08PM; 449 W 54th St; #SouthLA / #VermontSquare; Total of 4 patients: 3 critically injured, 1 person declined transport, NFD (no further details). LAPD Inc# 4107; FS 46; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 9; Erik Scott
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Traffic Collision 09/26/2016

Traffic Collision; 6:42PM; 449 W 54th St;; #SouthLA / #VermontSquare; Auto into bus stop striking pedestrians. At least 4 injured; FS 46; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 9; BC13 E46 EM11 RA15 RA21 RA264 RA64; 4; 14; Erik Scott
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Fire 09/26/2016

Fire; 9:47AM; 10520 Wilshire Blvd;; Westwood / UCLA; 13 story residential apartment bldg with a small fire on the top floor pool deck, held in check by sprinklers. Knockdown in 23 minutes by first arriving firefighters. No injury. Cause & $loss under invest, NFD; FS 37; Batt 9; West Bureau; Council District 5; BC14 BC9 E237 E273 E292 E37 E39 E59 E71 H1 H2 H3 RA71 RA837 RA892 T37 T73 T92; 9; 17; Erik Scott
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Update Structure Fire 09/25/2016

Update Structure Fire; 10:09PM; 740 W 85th St; #VermontKnolls: KNOCKDOWN 25 FF in 17 mins. The structure is vacant and known to be in poor condition with holes in the floor which required a more measured approach to prevent possible injuries. Search found no occupants and no injuries reported. Cause TBD. NFD; FS 57; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 8; Margaret Stewart
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Structure Fire 09/25/2016

Structure Fire; 9:56PM; 740 W 85th St;; #VermontKnolls Row of 1 story bungalows with one unit well involved.; FS 57; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 8; BC13 E233 E57 E64 RA257 T33 ; CH9; 13; Margaret Stewart
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