KNOCKDOWN #GrassFire 09/11/2017

KNOCKDOWN #GrassFire ; 4:15PM; 15700 Burbank Bl; #SepulvedaBasin Recreation Area; First arriving 30 ground-based FF's took 33 min; Confined to one-quarter acre of grass and brush; No injury; No structure threat or damage; Limited impact on local streets; Cause to be determined; No further details; Dispatched Units: E288 T88 E83 E99 E102 E60 BC14 RA90 H5; - Brian Humphrey
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#GrassFire 09/11/2017

#GrassFire ; 3:43PM; 15700 Burbank Bl;; #SepulvedaBasin Recreation Area; Ground attack on *less than* one-half acre brush in remote terrain; No structure threat; No Further Details; FS 88; Batt 10; Valley Bureau; Council District 4; CH: 8; 18; - Brian Humphrey
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LAFD Involved Traffic Collision 09/10/2017

LAFD Involved Traffic Collision; 12:54PM; 2023 W 8th St; #Westlake: Minivan with one F driver only, collided head-on with LAFD Engine 3, which was traveling with normal traffic (no light or siren) while returning to quarters from a previous medical call; There were NO firefighter injuries; Following her immediate medical care by the crew of Engine 3, the minivan driver was taken by LAFD Paramedics to an area hospital in fair condition with non-life threatening injuries; The LAFD Engine (2004 Pierce / Shop #60615) will remain out of service, and the crew will transition to reserve apparatus; No Further Details; Investigation/Media Inquiries: LAPD Central Traffic (LAPD Incident #2568); FS 11; Batt 11; Central Bureau; Council District 1; CH: 4; 10; - Brian Humphrey
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Hiker in Distress 09/09/2017

Hiker in Distress; 7:59PM; Griffith Park;; PRELIM: Lost and exhausted - but uninjured - F hiker in difficult terrain NW of Hollywood sign; Will be hoisted by LAFD copter and brought to safety at nearby landing zone; No Further Details; FS 82; Batt 5; West Bureau; Council District 13; Dispatched Units: E82 RA82 E227 T27 RA90 RH214 BC5 E27 H2 H6; CH: 7; 17; - Brian Humphrey
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KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire 09/09/2017

KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 11:20AM; 6119 Brynhurst Av; #HydePark; First arriving 20 FF's took just 11 min to fully extinguish heavily involved first floor apartment in 26 unit (23,258 sq ft) two story garden style apartment building; No injury; Fire Cause/Loss TBD; Dispatched LAFD Units: E66 T66 E266 RA866 RA66 E294 T94 E57 BC13 E46 E233 T33; - Brian Humphrey
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Structure Fire 09/09/2017

Structure Fire; 11:09AM; 6119 Brynhurst Av;; #HydePark; 2 story garden style apartment has fire showing; No Further Details; FS 66; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 8; CH: 9; 13; - Brian Humphrey
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Traffic Collision 09/08/2017

Traffic Collision; 6:38PM; 1002 N San Fernando Rd ;; Cypress Park; SAN FERNANDO IC - Multiple patients (4 total) ranging in condition from fair to serious. All 4 being transported to local hospitals.; FS 44; Batt 2; Central Bureau; Council District 1; E44 T50 E250 RA850 E55 RA55 T1 E201 RA1 RA801 RA56 RA3 EM1 EM11 BC2; CH:4; CH:12; Branden Silverman
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Investigation 09/08/2017

Investigation; 4:59PM; 330 W. 5th St.;; Civic Center / Bunker Hill; Smell of "gas" at MTA Redline station. No source found upon LAFD investigation. Possible transmission fluid leak from train per MTA (continuing to destination; North Hollywood station). No injuries/complaints. Contact MTA for further details.; FS 9; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 14; T9 E9 E209 RA9 T10 T11 E211 E4 EM1 BC1; CH: 7; CH: 15, 16; Branden Silverman
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Update Structure Fire KNOCKDOWN 09/08/2017

Update KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 3:45PM; 1541 E. 101st St.; Watts; 31 FFs extinguished a 1 room fire in a single-story home in 17 minutes. No injuries reported. ; FS 65; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 15; Branden Silverman
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Structure Fire 09/08/2017

Structure Fire; 3:19PM; 1541 E 101st St.;; Watts; 1 story home with smoke showing. Initial reports indicate fire in 1 room in the rear and all occupants out safe.; FS 65; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 15; E65 T64 E64 RA864 T33 E33 E233 T21 E21 E221 E33 RA14 BC1; CH:9; CH:13; Branden Silverman
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