Greater Alarm Structure Fire 08/25/2023 INC#1695

Greater Alarm Structure Fire; INC#1695; 09:53PM; 8036 N Vineland Av;; #SunValley; PRELIM: Defensive firefighting operations at a vacant one story restaurant with fire through the roof. ; FS 77; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 6; BC12 BC14 BC5 CM40 CM42 E227 E239 E24 E274 E289 E298 E60 E77 E88 E89 E98 EM14 EM15 HR3 RA81 RA889 RA89 RA98 T27 T39 T74 T89 T98 UR27 UR88 ; CH9; 17 18; Brian Humphrey
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Traffic Collision with Entrapment 08/25/2023 INC#1624

Traffic Collision with Entrapment; INC#1624; 08:58PM; 1534 W 19th St;; #SanPedro; PRELIM: Two vehicle collision with one vehicle overturned. Two patients total, one of whom is in critical condition with unspecified injuries - and was trapped in their overturned vehicle, the other patient from the other vehicle has non-life threatening injuries, was not trapped, and has been taken to an area hospital in fair condition. No further details. Media Inquiries: LAPD South Traffic Division (Incident #4077).; FS 101; Batt 6; South Bureau; Council District 15; BC6 E101 E112 E248 E48 EM13 HR3 RA101 RA112 RA36 T48; CH7; 12; Brian Humphrey
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Greater Alarm Structure Fire 08/24/2023 INC#1258

Greater Alarm Structure Fire; INC#1258; 05:39PM; 7106 S Avalon Bl;; #Florence; *Address Tentative*. PRELIM: Fire through the roof of a vacant 100' x 75' one-story metal clad commercial building with two nearby structures threatened. ; FS 33; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 9; BC1 BC13 BC5 CM20 CM22 E10 E203 E221 E233 E264 E266 E3 E33 E57 E64 E65 EA1 EM13 HR3 RA33 RA833 SO1 SQ21 T21 T3 T33 T64 T66 UR3 UR88; CH9; 14 15; Brian Humphrey
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Knockdown - Structure Fire 08/24/2023 INC#1227

Knockdown - Structure Fire; INC#1227; 05:49PM; 9300 W Exposition Bl;; #Palms; *Address Remains Tentative*. 37 LAFD Firefighters took just 31 minutes to access, confine and fully extinguish flames within a well involved vacant and boarded one-story home, that had flames through the roof on firefighters arrival. The building is the site of a previous fire. No injuries. Fire cause under investigation.; FS 43; Batt 18; South Bureau; Council District 5; BC18 E263 E292 E294 E43 E59 E94 RA92 RA94 SO1 T63 T92 T94; CH9; 12 13; Brian Humphrey
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Structure Fire 08/24/2023 INC#1227

Structure Fire; INC#1227; 05:18PM; 9300 W Exposition Bl;; #Palms; Address Tentative. #PRELIM: Defensive fire attack on fire through the roof of a vacant and boarded one-story home, the site of a previous fire.; FS 43; Batt 18; South Bureau; Council District 5; BC18 E292 E294 E43 E59 RA92 T92 T94; CH9; 12; Brian Humphrey
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Fatality Traffic Collision 08/24/2023 INC#0253

Fatality Traffic Collision; INC#0253; 06:01AM; 13200 N Balboa Bl;; #GranadaHills; Two vehicle traffic collision with one adult male deceased and remains at scene. No other injured persons. One or more street lanes will remain closed in the area until the LAPD investigation and Medical Examiner operations are complete, unknown duration. Expect congestion and delay. Please avoid the immediate area and consider an alternate route. Media Inquiries: LAPD Valley Traffic Division (Incident #663) and Medical Examiner.; FS 18; Batt 15; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; BC15 E18 E287 E87 E91 EM15 HR3 RA18 RA87 T87 UR88; CH8; 17; Brian Humphrey
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Update Brush Fire CONTAINED 08/23/2023 INC#1375

Update CONTAINED Brush Fire; INC#1375; 05:14PM; 2400 N Weid Pl;; Hollywood Hills; 1/4 acre slow moving, no structures threatened.; FS 82; Batt 5; West Bureau; Council District 4; AO1 AO2 BC14 BC5 E227 E229 E235 E27 E290 E35 E41 E82 E90 EM11 H1 H3 H7 HA1 HA3 HA7 RA27 SO1 T27 T29 T35 T90; CH5; 12; David Ortiz
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CONCLUDED Automatic Alarm - Medical Evacuation 08/22/2023 INC#1955

CONCLUDED Automatic Alarm - Medical Evacuation; INC#1955; 11:00AM; 1720 E Chavez Av;; Boyle Heights; LAFD has assisted in moving the last non-critical patient (of the 213) and the incident will begin to demobilize. Any further questions are directed to White Memorial. ; Central Bureau; Margaret Stewart
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KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire 08/22/2023 INC#0145

KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; INC#0145; 05:53AM; 9800 N San Fernando Rd;; Pacoima; KNOCKDOWN: Over 100 firefighters extinguished the fire in two hours and 20 minutes with no injuries reported. A portion of the LAFD resources will remain on scene through the morning for the extensive overhaul operation utilizing heavy equipment. No further details.; FS 98; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; BC12 BC14 BC15 CM40 CM42 E227 E239 E24 E273 E275 E287 E289 E290 E298 E7 E75 E77 E81 E87 E89 E98 EM14 EM15 HE1 HR3 RA77 RA889 RA898 RA98 RS3 SO1 SQ87 T27 T39 T73 T75 T87 T89 T90 T98 UR88 UR89; CH8; 17 18; Margaret Stewart
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Update Automatic Alarm - Medical Evacuation 08/22/2023 INC#1955

Update Automatic Alarm - Medical Evacuation; INC#1955; 05:27AM; 1720 E Chavez Av;; Boyle Heights; A press conference will be held at 7:00AM at 1820 Cesar Chavez Ave. Representatives from White Memorial and LAFD will be speaking. 17 critical patients have been transported with more patients being prepared for transport. The movement of the non-critical patients to other facilities within White Memorial is continuing. Those with family members at the Specialty Care Center (the only building affected) can contact the main White Memorial number for information 323-268-5000.; FS 2; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 14; BC1 BC10 BC11 BC2 CM20 CM21 CM22 E1 E10 E11 E12 E14 E15 E16 E17 E2 E201 E202 E203 E209 E210 E220 E235 E25 E260 E3 E4 E44 E47 E9 EA1 EM1 EM11 EM13 HR3 PI3 PI4 RA1 RA11 RA12 RA15 RA2 RA20 RA209 RA21 RA246 RA25 RA266 RA3 RA35 RA4 RA46 RA47 RA57 RA76 RA79 RA801 RA803 RA809 RA810 RA82 RA86 RA9 RA900 SO1 T1 T10 T2 T20 T3 T35 T60 T9; CH7; 12; Margaret Stewart
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